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General Cigarette Information
Cigarettes come in a number of forms, for every cigarette type on the market there is a specific market that they are made for. The cigarette range consists of a number of different flavors, full flavor, lights, ultra lights, menthols, menthol lights, non-filter, mild, medium and regular flavor cigarettes. Every smoker knows their preferred taste of cigarette, many smokers have changed several times exploring different tastes.


Cigarette Types
Full flavor cigarettes are cigarettes that are more stimulating with a higher density. Regular cigarettes are just the standard taste, but obviously different brands will have varied tastes. Lights are a less potent cigarette with a lesser density of nicotine and tar, and menthols are cigarettes with a mint taste to them. There are other cigarettes tastes like, cherry, chocolate etc, which are not as popular. Smokers have a number of options when choosing their preferred cigarettes taste.


Cigarette Size and Manufacture
Cigarette packets come in two styles, hard box, or soft, smokers also can choose to have 100mm cigarettes with certain brands which are smaller in size than the 120mm. Cigarettes use to be a lot smaller in size, where they were only made at an 80mm size in length. 100mm cigarettes were introduced and smokers saw this size as more cost effective, a cigarette that lasted longer even though it was slightly more expensive. Now the majority of cigarettes u will find are of a 120mm length.

Another important factor that distinguishes cigarettes is where they are manufactured. There is a lot of difference in cigarettes manufactured from different parts of the world. American cigarettes are top for quality and price of cigarettes, next comes western European cigarettes, then there are Asian cigarettes, Eastern European cigarettes, Russian cigarette and some others that are seen as lower in quality.


Cigarette Tobacco and Brands
The tobacco used and grown in different areas of the globe also completely changes the taste in some circumstances. Tobacco from the Mediterranean is known as a milder and stronger taste than others, Camel uses tobacco from Turkey in several of their cigarette produce. Smokers all over the world are generally very familiar with American Tobacco, and also China produce the most tobacco. Tobacco from China and Asia although is used in other forms for smoking as well as in cigarettes.

Branding and brand identity is a very significant element for smokers of cigarettes. Before when advertising wasn’t prohibited for cigarettes, leading brands like Marlboro, Camel and Virginia Slims used marketing to gain their ever present brand identity that they now have. Smokers and generally all people around the globe are very familiar with certain brands of cigarettes. Also there are so many brands, its very important for cigarette brands to successfully create their own style of cigarette.



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